put your hand

to the dream in your heart

Photo by Cheyenne Lowe Photography

Photo by Cheyenne Lowe Photography


why the meadowlark?

The meadowlark is the Kansas state bird, known for its resourcefulness and beautiful songs. Resourceful to know themselves and provide for their own needs, and resourceful to create something out of what they are given.

Each of us has a song to sing, and our mission is to educate & empower people to gain the resources they need to take care of their own needs, create something beautiful, and share their beautiful creation to do good in the world.



I grew up in a family that helped me see “creating” as a second nature activity. It was a part of every day, and I was motivated to create for the sake of expressing the ideas that so naturally flowed through me. When I got older, though I never lost the inspiration, it became more and more difficult to convince myself that it was worthwhile to prioritize creating in my schedule. I’ve seen this play out for so many others, so I now see it as my mission to show how vital it is to devote time to one’s creative impulses. Where there is opportunity for beauty (everywhere!), it deserves to be expressed.

My current favorite mediums are watercolor and pen & ink, and I love to apply those to design beautiful stationery, home products, and brand illustrations.

When I’m not designing, I’m usually creating in some other way, whether it be cooking up a new concoction in the kitchen (probably some version of Thai food- I could eat coconut curry every day!) or playing music with my husband in our living room. Much of my work is inspired by nature and our travels, so I love to spend time outside (usually with our two dogs, an old, sassy Pomeranian and a young German Shepherd mix) and visit new places as often as I possibly can. I’m forever grateful to get to do what I love every day: create artwork that tells stories & empower others to be creative.